OL_Power up for the Year book printed version written by Karen Burke


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Soft back cover version of the book (A5) - 43 pages

“An amazing, motivating guide which has helped me to REALISE my immediate and long-term goals – Karen’s book provided some real insight and now, I feel that I am able to actually work towards my goals with her realistic exercises and tips. Thank you Karen!!” -LO

Stop Procrastinating…
How many times have you said that you’re ready to move forward only to drift back into old habits and before you know it, the year has finished and you haven’t reached your goals or made progress towards who you want to be?

Some people who come to me haven’t got a clue about what is next in their life. Some have an idea but lack the motivation and allow themselves to stay in the ‘comfort zone’. If you are serious about moving forward, read on but also try out the exercises as well to solidify your thoughts and make your new lifestyle a reality. You can start from the beginning (recommended) or if you already know where you are and what you want to do, skip to the chapter you most need now and start from there. See this book like a ‘side piece’ – something you can dip into time and time again to help:

Keep you on track
Stay inspired
Lift you up when feeling negative
Or kick you in the butt to push you forward

Also now available on Amazon Kindle https://amzn.to/35UoYwu


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