Karin Herzog Professional Cleansing

Karin Herzog

Size: 50 mL


This is a cleanser and makeup remover in one, with an extraordinary texture to nourish and condition the skin as well as cleansing. Karin Herzog Professional Cleansing works like magic, creating a vacuum effect on the skin, trapping air and allowing none in or out. This cleanser works to dislodge blockages in the skin, and when removed literally sucks out the dirt.

- A wax consistency allowing very little product to go a long way

- Creates a Vacuum effect on the surface of the skin to literally suck out unwanted dirt, sebum and grime from the pores, when removed

- Simply and effectively melts away debris, toxins and makeup, including eye makeup

- So gentle it does not affect the PH balance of the skin

Use: do not add water. Heat a small quantity of the gel in your hands and massage it all over the face. Remove with the Silk Towel or a wipe and moderately warm water. They are suitable for all skin types and particularly recommended for sensitive skin types.