Beauty Defect Repair Anti-Aging Set

Beauty Defect Repair


The formation of deep wrinkles starts within the deepest layers of the skin known as the dermis. As we age the dermis stops producing collagen  the protein responsible for making our skin smooth and the collagen already present starts to break down. It is this gradual reduction of collagen in the dermis that leads to the formation of deep wrinkles, frown lines and furrows.

Using a combination of advanced technologies and active ingredients BDR targets the heart of the wrinkle in the dermis, plumping it out from the bottom up. This unique approach dramatically reduces the depth and appearance of the wrinkle. BDR Anti-Wrinkle is a natural alternative to injectable treatments.

- Significantly reduces deep-set wrinkles

- Promotes targeted collagen production in the dermis

- Smooths the complexion