Essential Micellar Face & Eye Make-Up Remover

Katherine Daniels

Size: 200 ml


Beauty Bible 2020 Bronze Award - Best Cleanser (micellar) Fragrance-Free Formulation Our salon strength formulation is fragrance-free, with the texture of water, it gently and efficiently removes all traces of make-up whilst caring for your delicate and sensitive eye area. Efficient cleansing in a single gesture. Key ingredients: Micelles • Magnetic cleansing effect Cornflower Water • Calming and soothing HOW TO USE Soak 2 cotton pads with Essential Micellar Face & Eye Make-Up Remover. Place over your eyelids ensuring contact is made with your eyelashes. After 30 seconds gently wipe away your make-up, the action of the Micelles ensures you will not have to rub or scrub. For the rest of your face and neck, continue with new pads. Repeat until the pads come away clean.