KD At Home Facial Bundle 1

Katherine Daniels


2020 was hardly a year of consistency for salon treatments. For this reason, its important for our  clients to keep their skin in top condition (until we meet again). This is what our 'At Home Facial' kits are designed to do - each kit provides the products for you to cleanse, exfoliate, massage & mask.

Client Saving £35.95

Your Bundle kit contains:

1x Essential Cleansing Milk
1X Essential Toning Lotion
1X Nurturing Night Balm
1X Repairing Nourishing Mask
1X Micro Cloths (pair)

x 1
Exfoliating Discs (pair)
x 1
Essential Exfoliating Gel (20ml)
x 1
Sensitive Skin Rich Cream (20ml)