KD Micro Cloth

Katherine Daniels

Size: 1 size


Micro fibre has many virtues, apart from being as soft as a kitten, which means it’s gentle on your skin, even the most delicate skin, will not feel irritated in the same way that it may when muslin cloth or cotton/ towelling cloths are used to remove your cleansing products, exfoliator or masks. The added benefit comes from the structure of the micro fibre itself. Each loop within the cloth has an invisible (to the eye) hook at the top of the loop. This is why when dry micro fibre feels like it sticks to your hands, especially if they are a little dry. HOW TO USE Apply your Katherine Daniels Step 1 - Skin Essentials product to your skin as directed. Use the Micro Cloths to gently remove the product. The hooks of the micro fibre literally scoop make-up, dirt and impurities from your skin pores and lines, giving you the most effective cleanse imaginable.