6 in 1 Beauty Device

The Studio Aberdeen


Our 6 in 1 Beauty Device will soon be your new favourite machine! This one little machine has 6 different modes…

1.RF- This feature stimulates into the dermis layer of the skin to help stimulate collagen regeneration which will help lift the face and fill your wrinkles

2.EMS – Helps penetrate your products into the skin. This function MUST be used with skin care products.

3.Ultrasonic feature- This feature uses vibrations and produce a micro massage effect, change the cell volume. Means it helps improve local blood and lymph circulation, strengthen cell permeability, improve tissue metabolism and regeneration, softening tissue, stimulates the nervous system and cell function, make the skin shiny and elastic. 

4.Acoustic vibration function – This Function Massages and cleans out the pores. Tightening and brightening the skin! 

5. LED lights function – Kills bacteria and helps produce collagen, for more information on what LED light therapy is have a look at our LED masks!

6.  Electroporation - Introducing the beauty essence to the skin deeply


Some of the features with this machine must be used with skin care products, we recommend using our Aloe Vera Face gel or your fav skin care product!

Suitable for ALL skin types, you can change the vibration frequency and function that is best suited for you and your skin! When you turn off the machine your fav options will be saved.

Package Includes: 
Main Machine x1 
English Manual x1 
Power line x1 
Charging stand