ANP™ Skin Omegas+ 180 softgels dry skin

Advanced Nutrition Programme

Size: 180 softgels


Help to nourish dry skin. Skin Omegas+ is made with premium, scientifically researched omega 3 from EPAX, a world leading supplier known for its purity, quality & innovation. They hold a Friend of the Sea certificate, so you can be sure the omega 3 is sourced using methods that conserve marine habitats & resources. Contains Vitamin A - enhances protection barrier of the skin. Omega 3, EPA & DHA - increases hydration & smoothness of the skin. Omega 6 GLA - anti-inflammatory & improves the skin's immunity. Take 2 softgels with main meal. Maximum of 6 per day for the treatment of eczema or psoriasis (lower dose as it improves) Caution - is advised if you take anticoagulant medication such as heparin, warfarin or coumadin.