Byonik Pure Collagen Eye Pads


Size: 10 x2Pads


Eye-pads from BYONIK® refresh and care for the area under your eyes with pure, freeze-dried collagen. The pads provide intensive moisturising for the sensitive skin of this zone, reduce puffiness and minimise signs of tiredness. BYONIK® PURE COLLAGEN EYE PADS are your best friends after long days and short nights or before important events. 
For the best results you should also purchase the Anti Ageing Ampoules and use these are the serum to rehydrate the collagen in these eye pads.
Simply use 1 ampoule and set of pads each time. Apply half the ampoule to the under eye area, place eye pad on top and apply the rest of the ampoule on top of  the eye pad to saturate it and activate the ingedients. Leave on for 30 minutes.