ANP NEW Clear Skin Biome Probiotic was £55

Advanced Nutrition Programme

Size: 60 capsules


Gut care is Skin Care. This supplement contains a unique patent pending 4 good bacteria strains with zinc, to help clear skin congestion.  Reduce sebum, reduce skin inflammation, increase healing, reduce skin stress, reduce hyperkeratisation & support your immunity. 
Skin friendly bacteria desiged to clear: Maskne, active acne, problem skin, breakouts, blind spots. Those experiencing stressful situation, rosacea & redness, eczema, psoriasis, oily skin, or for general gut health including constipation, bloating, fatigue & frequent colds.
Take one capsules per day. 60 capsules. Proven to reach the gut alive. Vegetarian. Plant based capsules. No artificle colourings or flavourings. No gluten.
Not suitable for pregnancy.