Press & Glow


Size: 200 ml


Resurface your complexion to reveal a revitalised surface with Medik8s exfoliating tonic. Designed to reveal a more radiant glow across your face, the formula will leave your skin with a natural luminosity for a brighter look and feel. Using Poly Hydroxy Acids (PHAs), the tonic effortlessly removes dead skin to create an end result that seems smoother with a more even tone. A gentler, more balanced alternative to AHAs, the tonics PHA solution contains larger molecules that wont penetrate as deeply into the skin. This means they effectively buff away at only the surface, giving anyone with sensitive skin the results they need without unwanted damage and irritation. In particular, 5.5% Gluconolactone boasts incredibly high performance action, targeting the bonds found between dead skin particles to brush them away more easily. It simultaneously hydrates your complexion thanks to its bountiful humectant benefits, leaving behind a soft, supple sensation thats comfortable. Added Prickly Pear Extract supports natural exfoliation enzymes, meaning normal cycles are maintained as skin ages. Working exclusively across the skins upper layers, youll benefit from a more rejuvenated surface while Acai Extract and Aloe Vera cool and soothe for a final, calming finishing touch. They help to combat the effects of inflammation and irritation, giving your visage a lasting burst of moisture. Free from parabens, artificial fragrance, synthetic colours, phthalates and alcohol. Suitable for vegans and cruelty-free.