ELEMIS Smart Cleanse Micellar Water




Perfect when used on its own or as a double cleanse, this refreshing micellar water cleanses the skin of makeup, daily pollutants and grime without compromising the skin's delicate acid mantle. A complex of natural surfactants derived from Apple amino acids, Rosehip Seed Oil and Indian Soapnut help to lift impurities from the skin, whilst organic English Rose and soothing Chamomile leave the skin feeling calm. The purifying formula is gentle enough to use on eyes and reveals a clean, soft and radiant complexion.

Micelles are present in naturally derived surfactants of Apple amino acid, Rosehip Seed Oil and Indian Soapnut. Rich in foaming saponins, they gently cleanse without stripping the skin of its protective oils, helping maintain the skin�s lipid barrier.

Known as German Chamomile, it is renowned for its skin calming and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Rose is a natural fragrance component with nurturing and calming properties.