Tripeptide R Neck Repair


Größe: 50 ml

119,00 €

Designed to improve the appearance of signs of ageing, the SkinCeuticals Tripeptide R Neck Repair Cream is carefully formulated to target both early and advanced wrinkles. Its created to be used on your neck, ensuring that this part of your body receives tailored care along with your face. Often neglected in skincare routines, your neck needs to be protected and nourished to maintain your all-over youthful illusion. Formulated using Retinol, the cream is a powerful product that works on softening the look of both fine lines and wrinkles. These can be caused by repeated actions, such as looking down towards a screen, which is increasingly common in the modern world. At a 0.2% concentration, the pure Retinol has a slow-release delivery to maximise efficacy. A 2.5% Tripeptide concentrate and 5% Glaucine complex, from the yellow poppy seed plant, work alongside each other to exert a corrective action across skin. Free from parabens, alcohol, dye and fragrance.