Hydrating B5


Größe: 30 ml

73,00 €

Skinceuticals Hydrating b5 gel Face moisturizing fluid

Hydrating B5 is a fluid moisturizing gel for skin formulated with high concentrations of Hyaluronic Acid * and Vitamin B5, thanks to its mix of components helps to rebalance the level of skin hydration and gives a pleasant luminosity effect, also nourishes the skin giving elasticity and a polished effect showing a healthy appearance throughout the day.


This fluid gel is enriched with vitamin B5, the Hydrating B5 fluid has been designed to make the skin nourishing substances, giving it a healthier and younger appearance. To achieve this effect and effectiveness, the gel contains hyaluronic acid, a natural hydrating agent that is ideal for maintain the level of balanced skin hydration.


Contains vitamin B5, nourishing for the skin Leave the skin smooth and elastic Maximize the benefits of a daily moisturizer Recommended in association with Skinceuticals treatments based on vitamin C Ideal for all skin types Application: In a very simple way it is enough to apply with the tip of the fingers 2 to 3 drops on the affected area that can be face, neck and decollete; It is important to avoid the eye area.

Types of leather: This fluid gel is applicable on all types of Dry, Normal, Fat, Mixed, Sensitive skins that can have different characteristics such as fat or mature dehydrate.

Components: Hyaluronic acid which is a natural humectant able to retain 1,000 times its weight in water and intensely moisturizes the skin. Vitamin b5 which is a nourishing substance essential for the skin Other components contained in skinceuticals hydrating b5 face moisturizing fluid gel aqua, phenoxyethanol, calcium pantothenate, sodium hyaluronate

Storage and packaging: Keep in a cool place away from sources of heat and moisture, keep out of children's clothing,

Format : 30ml vial.