Sponges 6pack

Supercover Professional Make Up


Supercover Professional (non-latex) Hypo-Allergenic Make-up Sponges. A perfect partner to our Supercover Ultimate HD foundation. You will enjoy better results of a youthful appearance as the wedges simulates a smooth texture on the skin. Unlike other make-up sponges that may contain rubber or latex which absorb too much make-up, our Professional Supercover non-latex make-up sponges are designed for majority of the makeup to be applied on the face or body rather than being absorbed in the sponge. In addition it is much more of a hygienic method of applying make-up rather than using fingers that contain bacteria. 

Pro Tip: Dampen the make-up with the Supercover Hydrator Spray then apply the make-up to the face or body, it is also excellent for blending eye shadows and applying moisturiser or face primer. Use the back of the make-up sponge to remove excess oil from the skin and to correct any mistakes. 

Product Content: 1 pack contains 6 pre cut wedges.