Small Foundation 301/25 Blue Neutraliser (Dark Tan tones)

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Welcome to our ORIGINAL Supercover Ultimate Foundation ( HD ) section.

What makes a good Foundation and what separates Supercover HD from others? Most makeup artists understand colour theory, pigments, ingredients, neutralising, highlighting / shading etc. and choose Supercover as their favourite brand of cosmetics. When makeup v's skin discolourations becomes critical and requires the best coverage and longevity, a very high % of pigments are required, this is the main ethos behind the Supercover brand known for its excellent covering properties. Some say it is very thick makeup - sadly these comments are due to lack of understanding. The Supercover Foundations are Super concentrated and not heavy, this means a very little amount of the Foundation is required for full coverage. Plus Supercover has a very high melting point, therefore it does not break down under very hot weather conditions or working in Film / TV to production lighting and withstands any studio hot lighting that throws at it. This is whilst most other makeup Foundations melts & breaks down due to their low melting point to the same or lower than body temperature.

Now you know, this is why Supercover requires very little or no touch up at all.? When applied with a dampened makeup sponge using Supercover Hydrator spray, what happens is that the botanical waxes, creams etc are absorbed into the sponge and pigments are transferred to the skin, this is why it gives such superb coverage in a very thin layer of makeup - thus known as : A water activated Foundation. This is the correct application method of activating all the ingredients in the Supercover Foundations.

Supercover Original Ultimate Foundation ( HD ) RRP £30: is a mineral based botanical cream formulation that is water activated. The foundation will go on very thin like a liquid make-up yet offer full coverage for any minor or major skin discolourations. The Supercover Ultimate Foundation offers excellent value, spreads further and lasts longer than most other make-up. It is recognised by BASC, NASMAH and the Vitiligo Society. These colours are mainly suitable for Fair, European skin tones. Colourless or Light Ultralucent Fine HD Setting Powders will be suitable to set the foundation.


# A full coverage Foundation for everyday use, not heavy, looks natural.

# Protects the skin ( contains minerals such as Titanium Dioxide ).

# 40 colours for every global skin tone. ( no need to mix 2 or 3 colours ).

# No animal ingredients, testing & no parabens.

# Allows the skin to breathe & function normal, ( does not block pores ).

# Suitable for all skin undertones and types, good for oily skin & acne prone.

# Totally water proof when applied correctly and set with Supercover fine powder.

# Great value, spreads further and lasts much longer than most other Foundations.

# Lasts 10, 12 even 14 hours depending on humidity.

# Matte to cream finish, great for bridal & all HD photographic makeup.

# Also great for Film, TV and stage to broadcasting standards.


# A mineral based botanical cream Foundation ( not powder like other mineral makeup ).

# Supercover raw materials are not tested on animals. ( animal friendly ).

# Each ingredient is tested to ensure that they are not hazardous to health.

# A full 5* star, rated makeup on Face Book.

# Dermatological tests ( patch tests ) provide stability / durability of Supercover Foundation.

# Microbiological purity tests to ensure a safe product for customers and environment.


> Approved by BASC: British Association of Skin Camouflage

> Approved by The Vitiligo Society

> Supercover Ultimate Foundation HD will cover:

Acne marks, Birthmarks, Tattoos, Hyper Pigmentation, Under Eye Circles, Vitiligo,

Eczema, Rosacea, Burn scars, Broken Capillaries, Age Spots, Portwine Stains etc.

Please note: The Supercover Ultimate Foundation will now be in colour series for ease of colour reference from light to dark, e.g if you are using number 01 foundation your new colour number will be 102/01, if you wish to go a shade darker in tone use no.03 which will be 103/03 etc. We hope that the new colour reference will make it easier to understand and select a suitable shade. If you need assistance to find a perfect colour match please contact us

( We have not changed our colours in any way or form if you have been using Supercover for some time just go by the last two digits ).