polishing body scrub

Sienna X


At 123hairandbeauty we think It's all in the preparation that leads to a great tan. This is a great body scrub that smells and feels gorgeous.<br /><br /> This is a creamy, lightweight lemongrass and ginger scrub with Shea butter & sweet almond oil.<br /><br /> Sienna X Polishing Body Scrub removes impurities with the finest pumice, for a gentle yet effective exfoliation - leaving you with super soft skin. It's the perfect base for your tan and a great way to reveal a radiant new you...<br /><br /> Furthermore, this polishing body scrub is packed with Shea Butter, which has been proven to help micro circulation. This reduces puffiness and protects the skin as a rich emollient.<br /><br /> There is no better way to exfoliate after a long hard day.<br /><br /> Sweet Almond oil is rich in vitamins for all skin types. Similar to the natural oil created by the skin, it helps protect and soften.<