Contouring Concentrate


Size: 75 ml


This preservative-free and 100% plant-based dry body oil firms and smooths the skin, for a more defined silhouette and glowing complexion. The skin appears smoother, more toned and beautifully radiant.The oil has a draining effect to improve skin tone, whilst stimulating circulation and reducing the appearance of fatty deposits at the surface of the skin.  It also gives the skin a slight sheen.

100% natural ingredients.

Warm a small amount of Contouring Concentrate between your hands to promote quick absorpsion. Apply to damp skin, massage the product from the ankles up to the hips, working in an upward circular motion. Ideal after showering, massage in while skin is still damp and then dry with a towel.

Vinotherapist’s advice:
After showering, lightly pat the skin with a towel then apply the Contouring Concentrate to your still-damp skin to promote quick and effective absorption.