Fusio-Dose Homelab Discipline



KERASTASE- 4 week home treatment kit.
These are the best investment for anyone in lockdown!
Now is the time to give your hair a break and these treats would help with just that.
BESPOKE the packs are made up just for your hair type and protect against two primary elements.

 Dryness and Frizz, we can create and send you out a pack just for you and your hair, leave on for 10 mins, spray mid length and ends and layer up with your favourite conditioner masque for an extra kick. Just mix your primary tube on the top row of the box with the secondary treatment bottle on the bottom row.
Place the spray lid into the secondary glass capsule shake and spray, use right away and use the full capsule.

Primary treatment 
Strength and Thickness 
Secondary treatment 
Bounce/ vitality
Colour protection 
Protein boost

Kit Price £44