Color Wow Dream Filter

Colour Wow

Size: 200 ml


Color WOW Dream Filter Treatment removes the agents that can dull and roughen locks and cause colour to fade. A revolutionary pre-shampoo treatment that acts as a magnet to attract and then eliminate the damaging minerals and metals found in hard water you wash hair with. Expect brighter and more radiant hair that feels fresher and lighter. Hard water contains remnants of iron, copper, calcium and magnesium that over time cause hair to become dry and brittle, fading colour and tinging lighter shades with brassy or orange tones. This ground-breaking but gentle treatment spray acts as a filter to these minerals and although effectively eliminates them from the hair, doesn't strip or damage. Dream Filter works on all hair types and shades to detoxify and purify the hair. On lighter shades that are prone to discolouration, it effectively defends against brassy tones. Free delivery for a limited time only.