Way To Go

Temple Spa

Size: 150 ml


A wash-off cleanser for oily skin that leaves you feeling squeaky clean and fresh faced.

WAY TO GO a wash-off cleansing gel for people who crave that squeaky clean feeling. It’s a brilliantly fresh formula that devotes itself to cleansing without leaving skin feeling taut!

The cooling gel texture is enriched with Seberderm™ complex that cleverly reduces the appearance of oily skin, plus Mediterranean botanicals of anise, bergamot, rosemary, date fruit, balm mint, pomegranate, myrtle and vitamins A & E. It has a natural foaming agent making it quick and easy to use, but gentle enough to not strip the protective layers of the skin. Clean as a whistle, and oh-so fresh!

Cleanses & decongests
Squeaky Clean & vibrant skin
Banishes spots & blemishes

Every morning and night, splash the face with water and squeeze a raspberry-sized amount onto the palms, spread this all over the face (and beard) using circular movements. Rinse off with warm water.