Aromessence Rose Balm BIO



Achieve the best beauty sleep with the Decléor Rose Damascena Night Balm, a 100% natural, organic night-time balm that treats irritated skin through the night. Supporting skin's natural renewal process during sleep, the comforting, easily-absorbed balm harnesses the soothing properties of Rose, Chamomile and Geranium essential oils to provide feelings of relief to irritated and sensitive skin. Gentle and comfortable, it helps to reduce redness, tightness and reactivity to leave skin feeling calm and comfortable come morning. Infused with a natural, relaxing active scent designed by aromacologist Patty Canac. SOOTHE : 79% of women felt their skin tightness reduced EVEN : 59, 5% of women noticed their skin redness seems less visible STABILISE : 65, 5% of women felt their skin was less prone to reactions Directions: In the evening, warm a small amount in the palms of your hands, then apply to the cleansed face and neck using light sweeping movements.