200ml Decleor Cleansing Milk



This light-textured, professional-strength lotion with a fresh sparkling scent effortlessly removes make-up and impurities to leave skin exceptionally clean and smooth. Active ingredients include detoxifying Green Tea Essential Water to help remove dirt and tighten pores for a clearer, more radiant complexion, Sweet Almond Oil to leave skin beautifully soft and comfortable, and heavenly-fragranced Neroli Essential Oil to help protect, repair and fight against dehydration. This paraben-free formula is suitable for all skin types. For best results, follow with Aroma Cleanse Essential Tonifying Lotion. Benefits Paraben-free formulation A fresh and sparkling fragrance Comforting moisturising properties Specific application technique Proven cleansing effects enhanced by the Essential tonifying lotion The 1st step to prepare skin for Hydra Floral care Results Effective make-up removal for 86% of women Comfortable skin for 95% of women Softer, better moisturized skin for 90% of women Smoother skin for 95% of women Very good short-term moisturisation after 1 hour: moisturisation up by 35% Very good short-term moisturisation after 4 hours: moisturisation up by 23% Usage test conducted on 21 women aged from 18 to 40, who used the Essential cleansing milk then the Tonifying lotion, Moisturisation after 1h and 4h. Directions With two moistened cotton pads, delicately wipe around the eyes Then remove make-up from the neck and the rest of the face using light circular movements Apply pressure at the smile lines to help the face refresh this energy point and to restore radiance to the complexion Then apply the lotion best suited to your skin type Key Ingredients Essential oil of Neroli: Protective and repairing properties to fight dehydration Sweet almond oil: Protective, softening and soothing properties Essential Green Tea Water: Detoxifying and astringent, improves the cleansing effect Orange peel derivative: Anti-free radicals and protective properties, the skin is better prot.