HD Brows Brow Creme Foxy

HD Brows


This versatile creme is perfect for creating budge-proof hair strokes through the brow for a natural look or to outline and fill the brow for a stronger finish. Applies like a cream but dries matte like a powder - this long-lasting Brow Creme will keep your brows looking flawless all day and night long. Also features an innovative catch net- not only ensuring minimal product waste but picking only the right amount of product up to keep brows looking natural. To use: Apply super-fine hair-strokes with a Fine Angled Brow Brush - following the natural direction of the brow hairs. For a stronger look, apply a faint line around the brow, leaving the bulb of the brow clear. Fill in from the middle to the tail of the brow, leaving the bulb fluffy, to create a natural but perfectly defined brow.