Mesotherapy Lift And Protect



MESO LIFT AND PROTECT is a day cream with sun protection. It is ideal for sensitive skin, photodermatoses (sun allergy), light sensitivity caused by some medications, pigmentation spots, premature ageing and immunological changes. Helps prevent dermatological ailments as a result of extreme exposure to UVB and UVa rays (SPF 50+), including sun allergy, spots, elastose, premature ageing and the consequences from the accumulative effects of radiation on the skin. The tolerance and efficiency of MESO LIFT AND PROTECT has been tested under dermatological conditions. MESO LIFT AND PROTECT is a multifunctional product. As well as being an effective sun protection against UVB and UVA rays, the formula is also enriched with valuable active ingredients that guarantee: Protection against UV rays Moisturising Soothing ALOE VERA