Overnight Retinol Repair 0.5%


Size: 30 ml


A highly effective nihgt time treatment for the treatment of aged or prematurely ageing skin. Retinol treatment cream accelerates skin renewal and reduces the appearance of skin ageing. Active 0.5% microencapsulated pure Retinol helps increase cell turnover. Powerful peptides and antioxidant Vitamin C help reduce uneven skin tone and discoloration. Formulated with a clinically-proven bioenergised Copper amino acid complex shown to visibly reduce wrinkles and improve skin firmness. Ceramides and active Polysaccharides hydrate and prevent water loss in the skin, helping soften fine lines. Includes a moisturising Buffer Cream to help acclimate skin to this highly-active form of Retinol. We always recommend our clients who are new to retinol to start with this 0.5% formula before moving onto the 1% formula.