Age Resist Active Complex Exfoliant

Eve Taylor


Description: A creamy textured “mask-like” exfoliant to gently refine skin texture without friction or scrubbing leaving skin silky smooth and hydrated. Skin type/condition: All skin conditions, especially mature or prematurely aged. Avoid if using prescribed medication with exfoliating action. Benefits: Removes dull surface skin build up helping minimise appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Leaves skin smooth, soft and hydrated. Lifts colour of skin where pigmentation has occurred leaving a brighter more radiant appearance. Key ingredients: Glycolic acid to loosen surface dehydrated skin cells revealing moister, smoother skin. Soothing Grape leaf extract with anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant benefits to keep skin calm and combat free radicals. How to use: Apply a thin even layer to cleansed face and neck avoiding eye area. Leave for 3-10 minutes depending on skin sensitivity. Rinse off with water.