Slim Logic Slimming Cream



An amazing discovery at the Guinot laboratories made it possible to create this product. Research revealed the existence of 2 types of adiopocytes- "storage" adipocytes, which burn very little fat, and " combustion" adipocyctes, which very actively burn fat. Guinot focused all its efforts on how to increase the level of fat combustion by "storage" adipocytes in order to boost the breakdown of fat. Using the ingredient Delipogenase II which is known to intensify and accelerate the breakdown of fat by rendering "storage" adipocyctes as active as "combustion" adipocytes, hence ensuring maximum slimming effectiveness. Delipogenase II is linked to natural active ingredients that reduce both fat and fluid: Caffeine activates lipolysis and triggers the breakdown of fat whilst Cellulysium prevents fat storage. Ivy Extract helps reduce excess fluid by boosting microcirculation and producing a draining effect. Use on areas of concern twice daily. For added effect you can also purchase Slim Logic Slimming Capsules.