Natural Spa Factory Biocellulose Eye & Mouth Patch

Natural Spa Factory


The superfine fibre structure (obtaining by natural fermentation of coconut water) allows them to fit like a second skin and maintain skin contact even if you’re not lying down. Eye Patch Benefits Decongestant, Anti-puffiness and moisturising Banish puffy skin and dark circles Actiflow - rich in polysaccharides derived from yeast to prevent puffy eyes and dark circles Hamamelis extract - rich in tannins, it has atringent and decongestant properties and soothes and relieves irritation of the eye contour area. Fucogel - multi sensory moisturising, it enhances the skin and firmness and the skin regain its density and contours. Glycerin - hydrating the skin for up to 24 hours. Contains 1 pack