Aveda Nutriplenish Light Conditioner 1000ml



Nourish your hair from length to tip with the Aveda Nutriplenish Light Moisture Conditioner. The lightweight formula glides through your locks, never leaving hair feeling heavy or leaving product residue. A powerful yet gentle blend of 98% naturally derived vegan ingredients work to improve the appearance of dry, coarse hair, leaving it soft to the touch. Bask in the glorious aroma of Aveda’s signature pure-fume™, combining the scents of tantalising Ginger and invigorating Cardamom. A sumptuous blend of certified organic Coconut Oil and fatty acid-rich Mango Butter envelopes the hair in a luxurious veil of moisture, creating the illusion of silky smoothness. Replenishing Oat Extract gives the formula a light, buttery texture, allowing it to be absorbed by the hair with ease.