Ultimate Recovery Intense


Size: 30 ml


When skin becomes damaged, it can no longer protect itself from the environment, becoming inflamed and often losing moisture. This is where the Ultimate Recovery Intense comes in - cue a supercharged skin repair cream that harnesses the power of perfluorodecalin to feed starved skin with oxygen, boosting the skin's ability to heal after inflammation. Rich, hydrating and comforting, the Ultimate Recovery Intense creates a shield to protect skin from everyday irritants while locking in moisture. Intelligently designed to minimise recovery times of aesthetic treatments like chemical peels and microdermabrasion, the Ultimate Recovery Intense enhances skin's natural ability to restore and repair. Strong yet gentle, the formula provides all day hydration and utilises beta-Glucan plus arnica - natural extracts that work together to reduce redness, calm and comfort. This cream is like a really soothing, healing hug for your skin, and we're so into it.