Age Defence Body Therapy


Size: 200 ml


Vitage Age Defence Body Therapy. A daily anti-ageing body therapy that instantly absorbs yet delivers all day moisture whilst helping to firm the skin.

Key Benefits

Skin firming and volumising effect that gives accumulative hydration benefits with daily use. Instantly softens and smooths with firming actives to improve elasticity. Active botanical extracts energise, balance and restore.
The potent combination of antioxidants protect from daily environmental stressors and prevent premature ageing.

Key Ingredients

Pentavitin: Plant derived extract that gives 72 hour moisture and outperforms glycerine by 50%.  Nature identical carbohydrate complex that binds to keratin like a magnet and retains moisture.  In 2 weeks gives a 50% improvement in skin softening and 50% improvement in skin flaking.

Argantensyl: High molecular weight protein from the Argan plant that gives immediate and long term firming benefits.

Argan oil:  Luxurious oil that is naturally high in Vitamin E and Saponins (skin softening agents).  It restores the skin's lipid barrier and is a healing and soothing ingredient (rich in anti-inflammatory plant sterols)

Shea Butter:  Non-greasy yet deeply conditioning extract naturally rich in Vitamins A, E and F it repairs the barrier function of the skin and softens

Ginger Extract: Antioxidant (gingerol), anti-inflammatory, purifying and balancing

Reishi Mushroom:  Antioxidant, cell proliferation, healing and melanin suppression

Turmeric: Antioxidant, healing, antimicrobial

Olive Oil: Deep and long lasting skin softening properties.  Naturally high in antioxidants and Vitamin E Deep and long lasting skin softening properties

Vitamin E: Lipid antioxidant
Directions for use:

Apply liberally all over the body or areas of concern a.m. and p.m.