Supersize Essentials Face & Body Polish 100ml

Slow Ageing Essentials


Put smooth skin on speed dial by treating it to regular use of this energising, skin-sloughing buttery body buffer. Dramatically improve skin texture with dermis nourishing coconut oil plus reinvigorating and exfoliating ginger, pomegranate and orange to banish any dullness or rough bits. Microcirculation is boosted for rapid radiance and an enviable tone. Naturally stimulating to give skin a delicious ‘zing’, you’ll keep catching wafts of its headily fresh, uplifting scent throughout the day. You feel glorious… skin looks gorgeous. Top tip: Stimulate skin renewal by mixing 1/4 Essential Face Balm with 3/4 Exfoliating Polish for an all over moisture-boosting exfoliating mask. Leave on for 5mins before massaging off.