Casual Act Molding Paste


Size: 90 g


Perfect for those of you who prefer to sport understated styles. 

Evo Casual Act Molding Paste lightly texturises your hair, whilst providing malleable hold that allows you to switch up your style as often as you like throughout the day.

Suitable for all hair types, the paste won't leave a residue in your hair, producing a natural-looking matte finish that's ideal for daytime styling.

Easy to use, this handy paste is sure to become a staple product in your hair grooming routine.

Benefits: Completely water soluble so there is no product build up. Versatile Lightweight - not heavy and greasy.

Directions: Apply to towel-dried hair and style as desired.

Ingredients: lanolin, lanolin wax, beeswax. sulphate, paraben, dea, tea and propylene glycol free (to make your day that little bit safer).