*Positivity Candle


Size: 200 g


Imbue your interior spaces with the uplifting fragrance emanating from the Positivity Candle from natural skincare and premium beauty brand ESPA. Infused with a fragrant blend of pure essential oils extracted from botanicals, the scented natural soy wax candles are lovingly hand-poured to ensure an even burn. Specially curated to alleviate any negative energy and lift your spirit, the scented candle demonstrates the power of aromatherapy, a holistic practice that lies at the core of ESPAs core. Unleashing the brands unique Positivity Signature Blend, a floral bouquet of Jasmine, Gardenia and Rose Geranium, expertly married with effervescent notes of Bergamot and Sweet Orange, the candle fills the room with a joyful smell, evocative of a sun-drenched spring garden in full bloom. Presented in an elegant glass jar crowned with a protective metal lid to preserve the candles fragrance, the candle is finished with a cotton wick placed in the centre.