Essential Cleansing Mask


Size: 55 ml


How much work does your cleansing mask do for your skin? This ESPA (Retail) Essential Cleansing Mask, is multi-tasking and multi-beneficial. Rich in minerals, it is able to assist in the clearing of impurities, environmental aggressors and excess oils. This formula includes rose geranium and kaolin clay, as well as the soothing properties of marshmallow and Rose Damascena. Then there is the organic compound of benzoin, which is recognised for its ability to nourish the skin. Deeply cleansing, and suitable for all skin types, the ESPA (Retail) Essential Cleansing Mask can be especially well suited to those with congested, sensitive or oily skin. Applying this innovative skin solution is easy. Just smooth it over the face and neck generously, before kicking back and relaxing for 20 minutes while the active ingredients get to work. Then all it takes is a rinse with warm water to leave your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. This product can be followed with a face treatment oil or serum.