Bergamot & Jasmine Hand Lotion


Size: 250 ml


Treat your hands to a spot of everyday luxury with ESPA Bergamot & Jasmine Hand Lotion. This soothing hand cream strengthens and softens your fingers, hands and cuticles. Patches of dry skin are gently moisturised and transformed, and any rough spots are minimised, for a smoother finish. Fight the signs of aging, which often show up on your hands before hitting any other part of the body, with this nourishing mixture. This conditioning lotion can be used on your skin, cuticles and nails, for a practical, versatile treatment that will improve the look and feel of your entire hand. The soft, creamy lotion is enhanced with luxurious essential oils to hydrate your skin. The Eastern-inspired fragrance of Bergamot and Jasmine adds a note of exotic femininity, and will leave your hands smelling gorgeous. Easy to use, this lotion sinks effortlessly into your skin after being massaged into your hands. It leaves behind no trace of residue, grease or oil, and can be reapplied throughout the day as many times as necessary, to enjoy a lasting softness.