Day to Day Gradual Tan Light


Size: 200 ml


He-Shi Day to Day Gradual Tan is a multipurpose gradual tanner ideal for using to achieve a light tan or as a tan extender and moisturiser, which will last 3-5 days. This tan is especially good for fair/medium skin complexions, or those looking for a light finished colour. This lotion will absorb easily and will even out your natural skin tones or can also be used to maintain an existing tan by topping up your colour between self-tan applications. DIRECTIONS Massage into dry, clean skin on a daily basis to keep your skin bronzed, smooth and soft Apply liberally with hands (or tanning mitt) to cover your face and body Ensure even application and wash hands immediately after use Avoid water contact and perspiration for 6-8 hours while the gradual tan develops After showering you will be bronzed for 3-5 days FEATURES & BENEFITS SUPERIOR TANNING RESULTS Suitable for all skin tones and types. Light, medium, dark, or ultra dark. The choice of shade will always look natural.