Size: 50 ml


Relieve your skin of redness and discomfort with the PAYOT Crème N°2 Nuage - Anti-Redness Soothing Care, a daily moisturiser that repairs and comforts even the most hypersensitive skin. Lightweight and airy, its fresh texture instantly targets the surface of your skin to calm, comfort and restore balance back to your epidermis. The strengthening cream soothes redness and instantly hydrates skin whilst fighting off harmful pollutants that may cause cell damage. Harnessing the power of probiotics, Crème N°2 Nuage slows down premature ageing whilst protecting your skin from external aggressors. The infusion of boswellia and jasmine flower extracts heal and nourish skin whilst diminishing the appearance of redness. Apply to clean skin every morning or evening. Ideal for normal to oily skin with sensitivity.