Uniskin Masque Magnetique


Size: 80 g


Payot’s Uni Skin Masque Magnetique is a face mask that you can apply directly to skin for five minutes, using a magnet to gently remove the product and draw out any impurities. The iron-powder formula combats pollutants and detoxes the skin in such a way that when you gently run a magnet over the face mask, skin is left clear and balanced, bright and soothed. What’s more, you don’t have to use any water to remove this product, so skin-transforming ingredients such as coconut and shea butter are left on the skin to moisturise your complexion, giving it a restorative glow. Protects your skin against irritants, calm and heal the skin from pesky spots, and give you a healthy glow that makes you look youthful, radiant and as wonderful as you truly are. 95% of people said that this mask resulted in younger-looking skin. 80ml