1. Radiant Self Tan Kit

White to Brown


Create a natural-looking, golden brown tan with this radiant tanning kit. Use White To Brown Self Tan lotion for a golden brown glow that develops instantly and lasts for days. After tanning, hydrate your skin with the pH-balance whitetobrown Bodywash to cleanse and perfect. Directions: Exfoliate the skin before tanning - try using whitetobrown Exfoliate that includes natural sweet almond shell to gently remove rough skin cells. Once the skin has been dried throughly, apply whitetobrown Self Tan lotion using the application gloves provided. Massage into the skin with cicular motions for a streak-free coverage, paying particular attention to drier areas like knees and elbows. Tan will fully develop within 6-8 hours or leave overnight. Wash away the residue with White To Brown Body Wash for longer-lasting tanning results.