My Payot Fluide


Size: 50 ml


Light day cream with superfruit extracts for oily and combination skins. 2-in-1 mattifying, radiance-boosting care. My Payot FLUIDE wake-up emulsion promises an ultra-radiant glow. To vanquish dull, first-thing-in-the-morning skin, this “shock treatment” intensifies the healthy glow effect while evening out the complexion. PAYOT advice: Apply to clean skin, all over the face. Main Ingredients: Goji Berry: reinforces the immune system, protects from free radicals and stimulates cells' energy. Acaï Berries: rich in trace elements and polyphénols, stimulate the blood circulation to reactivate the skin's radiance. Active Bifidus: microorganisms that reinforce the natural defenses against external aggressions. Tapioca Extract: acts on the surface of the skin to absorb excess of sebum and matify.