Pillow Mist Bedtime Hero



Simply spray, wind down and doze off. 

Spritz your pillow with natural wellbeing brand NEOM Organic London's Bedtime Hero Pillow Mist
A scented spray scented with 100% natural fragrance, specially curated to relax your mind and prepare you for a deep and restful slumber.
Part of the labels Scent to Sleep range, the aromatherapeutic mist imbues your bedding with a blend of 11 pure essential oils including

  • Chamomile nectar,
  • a twist of spicy Ylang Ylang
  • soothing Cedarwood the perfect alternative for anti-Lavender people.
86% felt that using the Bedtime Hero Pillow Mist helped them relax and prepare for a good nights sleep*
100% natural fragrances.