Phenomenal DARK 2-3 week tan Mouse

Vita Liberata

Size: 125 ml


Vita Liberata pHenomenal 2-3 Week Tan - Medium - 125ml will give your skin a long-lasting, safe and streak-free glow that develops over three simple applications. Enriched with 70% organic ingredients and Vita Liberata's groundbreaking moisture-lock system to keep your skin smooth and hydrated, the airy mousse applies seamlessly and doesn't have the tell-tale fake tan smell. With unique pHenO2 technology, it will last up to four times longer than your normal tan - L.M. Directions of Use: Exfoliate but do not use moisturiser prior to tanning Use a tanning mitt or latex gloves Apply in circular motions Apply three times for a 2-3 week tan Leave each application on for 3-24 hours before showering and doing the next application.