Skin Youth Biome™

Advanced Nutrition Programme

Size: 1 x 60 caps


Featuring vitamin C and active cultures, Advanced Nutrition Programme Skin Youth Biome promotes intestinal health and a youthful complexion. A unique blend of scientifically-studied strains, the supplement supports the immune system, provides antioxidant protection to combat free radicals and boasts anti-ageing properties. You may not have realised that gut health is related to skin condition. Beneficial bacteria help to counteract the causes of skin ageing by limiting free radicals and reducing inflammation. Skin Youth Biome is a unique probiotic presented in vegetable capsule form and contains up to 5 million active cultures plus vitamin C. Your skin s natural barrier is fortified while fine lines and wrinkles are addressed and dry skin better nourished for enhanced radiance. Benefits: Works from the inside out Supports the skin's natural barrier Helps reduce fine lines Helps Support gut flora Nourishes dry skin Supports collagen formation Directions: Take one capsule per day with a meal or as your health professional advises. Store below 25C in a cool place away from direct sunlight and heat. Ingredients: Microorganism complex (Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG, Pediococcus acidilactici, HA-524, Bi dobacterium longum, Rosell-175, Lactobaclllus reuteri, HA-188) (contains SOY, MILK), vegetable capsule shell (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose), vitamin C (ascorbic acid), anti-caking agent: vegetable magnesium stearate, potato starch.

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