Skin Accumax

Advanced Nutrition Programme

Size: 120 capsules


With a trail of doting fans - including beauty editors, bloggers and skin care mavens - this wonder-working supplement is specially formulated for those with problematic, acne-prone skin. Clearing blemishes without dryness, relieving redness and supporting healthy skin cells, it contains a cocktail of antioxidants - including vitamins A, C and E - to promote collagen production, protect cells from oxidative stress and maintain a healthy complexion. The supplement also contains BioResponse DIM - a patented, active plant compound found in cruciferous vegetables. The supplement isn't only great for your skin. All ingredients are of exceptionally high quality, with full traceability back to their origins and free from artificial flavourings, synthetic colours or genetically modified ingredients - plus, they contain no gluten or dairy , vegan friendly.