Skin Ultimate

Advanced Nutrition Programme

Size: 28 days


Skincare Ultimate box contains 28 days' worth of five of the brand's supplements to improve your skin, nail and hair health. The Skin Antioxidant complex stars seven super plant nutrients that are crammed with antioxidants to protect skin from damaging UV rays (even artificial light), pollution and free radicals which could all lead to premature ageing; the Skin Vit A+ complex is charged with vitamin A and D to encourage cell renewal and rejuvenation, the Skin Omega+ combines omega 3, with the addition of vitamin A - to ensures skin cells are kept in tip-top condition, boosting hydration levels, improving radiance and prolonging a youthful complexion; the Skin Asta-Boost contains astaxanthin and biotin to nourish and strengthen hair and nails; the Skin CoQ10 lightens and brightens your complexion, evening out skin tone, while the addition of pine bark extract protects collagen and elastin.