Skin Omegas +

Advanced Nutrition Programme

Size: 60 soft gels


Complementing all the hard work of your favourite moisturisers, serums and cleansers, the Skin Omega+ ensures skin cells are kept in tip-top condition, boosting hydration levels, improving radiance and prolonging a youthful complexion. The supplement combines omega 3, from sustainable fish oil, and omega 6 from evening primrose oil - with the addition of vitamin A to maintain healthy skin cells. Aside from their benefits to skin, these ingredients also maintain healthy functions across the rest of the body. All ingredients are of exceptionally high quality, with full traceability back to their origins and free from artificial flavourings, synthetic colours or genetically modified ingredients. Housed in eco-friendly, plastic-free, recyclable paper packaging - even the ink is vegetable-based and eco-friendly - these supplements are total do-gooders to both your skin and the environment. The supplement is available in two sizes: 60 capsules and 180 capsules.