Opti Crystal - Eye Serum



CosMedix Opti Crystal is a liquid crystal serum that performs unlike any eye cream because it’s like no other eye cream. Loaded with 96% liquid crystals, it nourishes and supports the gentle eye area as it illuminates under-eye circles. Spin Trap teams up with Alpha Lipoid Acid to fight free radicals while Coconut Extract and Copper Complex infuse the skin with amino acids – the building blocks of healthy, younger-looking skin.Stimulates production of Collagen and Elastin

Extremely hydrating liquid crystal formulation
Treats lines & wrinkles /crows feet around the eyes
Potent antioxidant protection.

Always use at night, Opti Crystals is very concentrated product. The full size bottle should last for eight months. Read application instructions.

This product may take longer to arrive due to high demand.