Peptide4 Adaptive Day Cream 50ml


Size: 50 ml


Peptide4 Adaptive Day Cream Skin Perfecting Day Cream BENEFITS: Mattifies, Blurs, Balances This unique priming moisturiser adapts to your skin's needs throughout the day, helping to create a flawless-looking complexion from dawn to dusk. WHAT IS IT? A daily moisturiser that also primes the skin, leaving it with a satin-matte finish that never feels dry. WHY USE IT? Your skin’s oil production tends to peak in the early afternoon, leading to excess shine in the T-zone. This daily moisturiser adapts to your skin's needs, keeping your complexion looking balanced and smooth throughout the day. •Featherlight with a soft mousse texture that delivers a instant burst of cooling hydration to the skin. •Balancing mineral microspheres absorb excess oil for a mattifying effect that never leaves your skin feeling dry.